This blog's mission:

-   To communicate what we are doing to stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections in Colorado.

What this blog is:

A place for us, the STI/HIV Section of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, to explain what we do to prevent, treat, regulate and report sexually transmitted infections(STI) and HIV. And a place for you to give us your feedback about what we are doing.

Who we are:

We are the team of people that make up the STI/HIV Program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The contributors for this blog are professionals in their field and are all working toward the same goal: stopping the spread of STIs and HIV in Colorado by helping those that have been infected and protecting those that haven't.

Who this blog is for:

  • Local STI/HIV community organizations
  • Our contractors and stakeholders
  • Anyone recently diagnosed with an STI or HIV -- or anyone who knows someone who has
  • Those who want to take control of their sexual health

For questions or comments contact:

Ben Hammett
(720) 633-5853

Communications Specialist
STI/HIV Prevention Program
Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology Division
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment