Thursday, March 19, 2015

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, March 20

by Ceasar Montoya

Friday, March 20th 2015 Marks the 8th Annual National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. This also coincides with the first day of Spring, This is a time in Native culture for new beginnings, a time to celebrate life. Instead of reviewing statistics and focusing on what can be perceived as negativity. I will focus instead on the positive. We live in a time when resources are available to not only help prevent HIV, but to also allow individuals who are positive to live long, healthy lives when accessing successful treatment.

Tools that are available in today’s HIV prevention battle are testing, condoms, and Pre Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP. PrEP is a treatment designed to help prevent the transmission of HIV and is quickly becoming more accessible. No matter what your ancestry is, be it Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian), Alaska Native, Lakota, or Mexican, it is our collective responsibility to do our part to create a healthy indigenous population for our children and grandchildren. For more information on prevention, testing and activities, please check out these resources below:

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