Friday, March 20, 2015

LGBT Health Awareness Week, March 23 - 27

by Ceasar Montoya

Allies are people who may not be LGBTQ but who support LGBTQ events, activities, lifestyle and culture. I am one of your allies. I grew up with both friends and family who are LGBTQ. As such, I have a degree of understanding of the issues you face. However, we all have room to grow. I encourage you to participate in the scheduled activities at CDPHE from March 23rd to March 27th.

Please see the links below for more information. As an ally, I ask that you recognize that though we are in a time where same sex couples are winning the right to celebrate their lives and be recognized legally before governments, we have a ways to go achieve social justice for the LGBTQ community. We still witness many injustices such as the recent murder of Angie Zapata and the unfortunate encounter with authorities that the friends and family of Jessie Hernandez are left to deal with.

Substance Abuse and mental health issues often lead to negative outcomes, which can impact the overall wellbeing and health of the LGBTQ community. Despite variances in socio-economic status, race/ethnicity, or culture, let us stand united in support of creating change. Let us unite toward those issues that may have a negative impact on the community. Participate in whatever way you feel you can. Every little grain of sand adds up and can create a mountain of change for the better.

LGBTQ resources:

PFLAG Colorado

It Might Really 'Get Better' for LGBT Teens - The Atlantic

One Colorado's report on transgender health

Colorado HealthCare Resources for LGBTQ

Scheduled Events at CDPHE 

Monday, March 23

Mental Health, Suicide and Substance Abuse

12-1 Room C1A

Tuesday, March 24

PrEP HIV Preventative

12-1 Room C1E

Wednesday, March 25

LGBT Spirituality

12-1 Room C1A

Thursday, March 26

Health Discrepancies Trans Panel

12-1 Room C1E

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