Friday, March 7, 2014

Proposed CHAPP Rule Changes for Your Review

On April 16, 2014, the Colorado Board of Health will consider changes to the rules governing operation of the Colorado HIV/AIDS Prevention Grant Program (CHAPP). See our Community Involvement page for more information on CHAPP

The rule changes are driven by two objectives:

  1. The Office of the State Auditor (OSA) conducted a Performance Audit in 2013.  The final report was presented in August 2013.  A key finding was, “The scope of the Advisory Committee’s statutory responsibility and authority have been misunderstood and interpreted too broadly. As a result, the Advisory Committee’s role with respect to the Program has grown beyond the General Assembly’s intent that the Advisory Committee serve in an advisory, rather than a controlling, capacity.”  The OSA recommended and the Department agreed that, “The Department of Public Health and Environment (the Department) should clarify that the scope of the HIV and AIDS Prevention Grant Program Advisory Committee’s (the Advisory Committee) authority and responsibility with respect to the Colorado HIV and AIDS Prevention Grant Program is advisory in nature. The Department should work with the Board of Health and the Advisory Committee to revise Program rules and Advisory Committee bylaws accordingly.”

  2. In 2012, the Governor signed Executive Order D 2012-002 and called on state agencies to review rules and to consider whether each rule:
    • Is necessary and does not duplicate existing rules;
    • Is written in plain language and is easy to understand;
    • Has achieved the desired intent and whether more or less regulation is
    • necessary;
    • Can be amended to reduce any regulatory burdens while maintaining its
    • benefits; and
    • Is implemented in an efficient and effective manner, including the
    • requirements for the issuance of any permits or licenses

The draft revised rule and a comparison between the existing and proposed rule are available on our Community Involvement page.
Posting comments directly to this blog post are one method of public and stakeholder input.  Should you wish to comment by e-mail, please do so to or call Mike Hughes at 303-692-2792.

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